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Main Street Sculpture Project


Location:  100 Block East Main Street

Daniel Miller

Ottumwa - Past and Present

Caretakers of The Land, Flow of Life, Age of Steam, We Are One, 2021

Daniel Miller’s public art explores histories and relationships to place through a contemporary lens. Ottumwa - Past and Present is an installation of light sculptures by Daniel Miller exploring the iconography of Ottumwa. Each of these four light sculptures symbolically engage the history and future of Ottumwa. Made from layered stainless steel and acrylic the sculptures are activated by light throughout the day.


During the day light hours light plays across the ground stainless steel surfaces. Then in the evening LED Light emerges from within each form made of fabricated stainless steel laminated with clear acrylic. From one angle these sculptures will form recognizable forms that align with the story of Ottumwa. However, when the viewer adjusts their angle by 90 degrees the forms become line abstractions. Read more here.

Location:  200 Block East Main Street

Hilde DeBruyne

There is Another Alphabet, 2021

The artist was drawn to the majestic views of the Des Moines River flowing through Ottumwa. The river and the parks create so many opportunities for walking, fishing, hunting and boating. Nature has its own language.


Location:  300 Block East Main Street

MetalScapes by S.W. Huffman

I Hear That Train a Comin', 2021

The Steam Locomotive could be experienced by all of our natural senses; from the thunderous rumble of gears, and metal clanging, to the smell of burning coal, glimpses of its gracefulness through the trees as it comes around the curve.

Oh, but to feel it's rhythm.

That's something that can be lost in our history.

Voices of the Bridge, 2021

As a kid, I could be found playing around, on and under a bridge.  Floating a toy boat, damming a small stream. In the quiet you can hear the many sounds, (voices of the bridge), given by the wooden deck rumbling as a vehicle drive over it.  Or, the buzz of a metal grate decking. Just take time to stop and listen....

Main Street Sculpture Project was made possible by these generous donors

Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation

Fahrney Beautification Fund

Wapello County Foundation

Community 1st Credit Union
Ottumwa Rotary

MidAmerican Foundation

Casey's General Store

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